Terri Martin

Hello, I’m Terri…

I’m the CEO here at Weight Loss Science. Welcome to our site! I’m glad you’re here. People often ask me, “Terri, what’s your secret?”

I have several businesses, a loving marriage, an awesome team, and exiting adventures that make life pleasurable and meaningful.

Well, here’s the thing about secrets: they’re usually simple truths hiding in plain sight. So, what is my secret?


WLS Size

About Weight Loss Science

Weight Loss Science, an Ideal Protein Organization!

There’s more to life than weight loss. Isn’t there?

Helping people who are serious about weight loss, and ready for help is a cause that I care deeply about.  And I’ve become more connected to sharing joy in a keto diet lifestyle…

And on the weekends my clients can look forward to enjoying with me:

  • hiking gorgeous tree-line trails to stunning views
  • sailing on the wonderful San Francisco Bay
  • sea kayaking sunny waters with otters and herons
  • enjoying delicious meals in new places

This brings new meaning to weekday weight loss, when you can look forward to weekends as diet-smart celebrations of your beautiful new life, with people who understand you.

Being part of our community makes your weight loss challenge less lonely. It’s just easier when we overcome this together.

I work with local experts to provide member-exclusive San Francisco Bay chartered sailing cruises, hiking and sea kayaking adventures. Click here to see it now!

In addition, I also wanted to develop new strategies to overcome excess weight, manage high blood pressure, improve poor fitness. So, I’m part of IdealSmart App, a software app that tracks your progress, tells you when and what to eat and helps you be accountable by recognizing your accomplishments. Click to see it here now!