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    Busting DIY Effectiveness Diet Myths

    October 31, 2019

October 31, 2019

Busting DIY Effectiveness Diet Myths

How To Lose 40-70 pounds, relatively quickly, by challenging DIY Diet Myths

I used to think weight coaching and paying to be coached by other people was for fools. And if you did it, you were either a sell out or a wussy.

Turns out, I was the fool.

And when I realized it, everything changed.

The north American diet is toxic to health. Purposely made from low cost ingredients and aggressively made addictive.

Sugar. Salt. And Fat. These are the keys to getting you hooked on all kinds of cheap to produce, package, and sell foods.

These ingredients spike Insulin.

Simply put Insulin’s job is storing blood sugar as fat. What’s worse about insulin: in your brain Insulin blocks the hormone signaling that you are full. So, you now eat beyond full.

Meaning even if you wanted desperately to stop eating, it’s a physiological drive that you cannot stop. That’s why no American wants to be overweight, and yet 70% of us are obese. And in just the last 30 years the number of obese people has doubled.

Have you ever realized that when you diet, food manufacturers loose profits?

If you’ve ever wondered why the average person gains 14 pounds of fat a year even when trying DIY Weight Loss; it is not personal, it’s simply their winning corporate business!

The profit motive: big food marketers are out to capture what the industry calls ‘Share of Your Stomach’. You know that mysterious condition when you can’t eat just one of anything.

So, when you expect to do weight loss on the cheap, all alone, within 3 – 6 weeks you have stopped. And you go back to gaining 14 pounds a year. Sound familiar?

Each food manufacturer is in business to get you to open your wallet and dump out the contents. To predictably get your money they must hire food chemists, lawyers, lobbyists, product managers, production assembly line workers, package design specialists, influence marketing geniuses and advertising experts.

All these people get paid to do their work. Do you think you are better than this small army? The way the stay employed: focus their waking hours on getting you to weaken, then give up your diet.

And then there is you, full of pride, and eager to experiment at losing 40 pounds as a hobby.

Doesn’t that sound like you are David against the Goliath Food System?

So, when you think you can lose fat alone vs, with your weight coach helping you breakout of the food matrix. You must first think about the tribe of people you are going up against like David vs. Goliath on your quest to take profit away from huge companies.


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