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Physicians, you are on the front lines in helping patients in their struggles against obesity. WLS makes Ideal Protein available to help physicians and their patients fight and win this never-ending battle.

Ideal Protein is providing physicians and their patients with lifelong, health-enhancing solutions. Its weight loss results have been presented at premier medical meetings, such as the Annual Obesity Summit,  and the National Obesity Society annual meeting,

Doctors report that results with the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method are repeatable and sustainable and after the weight loss, they report seeing a reduction in hypertension, insulin imbalance, and other heart risks and an improvement in lipid profiles and other risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome.

Learn more about the health benefits of the Ideal Protein method from the Q & A, our case studies and our videos.

Providing weight loss clinic services to Alameda County, Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, Santa Cruz County.