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    How much protein do you need to consume on the Ideal Protein diet?

    February 26, 2018

February 26, 2018

How much protein do you need to consume on the Ideal Protein diet?

Protein is a necessary part of the diet to efficiently help the body perform various vital functions like providing the body with energy, growth, and repair of worn out tissues and aid in muscle building. The amount of protein that your body requires every other day is not known and agreed yet by nutritionists and health organizations, but they have set some guidelines on the amount of protein that your body must have each day. Nevertheless, your intake depends on how much your physician recommends fit to your body needs.

Fat-Targeted Protein Intake Guidelines

What are the percentages of Macronutrients in Phase 1

Many health practitioners want to know the exact percentages of protein, fats and carbohydrates in the Ideal Protein diet. Why this is so important puzzles me (is it to compare this program to the USDA Food Pyramid guidelines?). Our program is fat targeted, muscle sparing diet and as such is an “unbalanced diet” and yet nutritionally complete. Our program is not a “lifestyle”.  There is a beginning and an end followed by a traditional balance diet.  Our premise is simple: to lose fat we restrict the carbohydrates (basically deplete the body of its glycogen stores), supply the minimum adequate amount protein to prevent muscle loss and force the body to derive the majority of its caloric requirement from it fats reserves.

Calories for Proper Psychological Functions

Viewing our program along these lines is a little more complicated than first meets the eye.  In the strictest sense of the word, an adequate diet is one that provides enough energy (calories) at the cellular level for proper physiological functions.  To meet this energy requirement, the body depends on calories consumed plus the energy that it has stored to make up the difference in the meet the external food sources are inadequate.  The latter of course is the basis of any weight loss program.

Therefore, to give a correct answer as to the percentages of macronutrients in the weight loss phase of our dietary protocol, we have to do two calculations: the first will be percentages of the actual daily food intake and the second (and more correct) will be the actual daily caloric diet the body’s cells are receiving (the body really does not know where their fuel came from…external fuel or stored fuel).

Your coach will help you calculate your “Total Cellular Foods” (what the body REALLY is getting).  This calculation will depend on amount of fat you lose.  Usually your coach will show you how to calculate after your second week of phase 1.




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