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    $92, 235: The Personal Cost for Not Losing Fat

    September 8, 2019

September 8, 2019

$92, 235: The Personal Cost for Not Losing Fat


The Personal Cost for Not Losing Fat

How much does choosing to stay obese cost you?

Just under $100,000 a year – $92,235 to be exact.

This key piece we found will break down the costs and the major financial implications obesity will have on your life – and the economy as we know it.

There are over 78 million Americans who are struggling with obesity – and this stat could run closer to doubling in the next 12 years if something is not done about it.

Obesity comes with a series of burden. It robs you of your livelihood, hampers your mental health, and leaves you with a large hole in your pocket. Worst of all – it shortens your life.

While it may sound appropriate to tell an obese person to “eat healthily and exercise” – that advice is not effective enough.

There are over 200,000 different diets, with aggressive ad campaigns making sky-high promises to obese people.

Where does a person start when they’re met with over 200,000 diets to pick from? How many diets is a person supposed to go through before they find one that works for them?

Failure is inevitable with most of these diets because they have little to no scientific backing – and they are not realistic.

Most people struggling with obesity fall back to their unhealthy eating habits because of disillusionment from a diet gone wrong.

We’ve identified 7-proven diets that meat our strict criteria of clinical evidence of effective weight loss.


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