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October 31, 2019

Busting DIY Effectiveness Diet Myths

How To Lose 40-70 pounds, relatively quickly, by challenging DIY Diet Myths

I used to think weight coaching and paying to be coached by other people was for fools. And if you did it, you were either a sell out or a wussy.

Turns out, I was the fool.

And when I realized it, everything changed.

The north American diet is toxic to health. Purposely made from low cost ingredients and aggressively made addictive.

Sugar. Salt. And Fat. These are the keys to getting you hooked on all kinds of cheap to produce, package, and sell foods.

These ingredients spike Insulin.

Simply put Insulin’s job is storing blood sugar as fat. What’s worse about insulin: in your brain Insulin blocks the hormone signaling that you are full. So, you now eat beyond full.

Meaning even if you wanted desperately to stop eating, it’s a physiological drive that you cannot stop. That’s why no American wants to be overweight, and yet 70% of us are obese. And in just the last 30 years the number of obese people has doubled.

Have you ever realized that when you diet, food manufacturers loose profits?

If you’ve ever wondered why the average person gains 14 pounds of fat a year even when trying DIY Weight Loss; it is not personal, it’s simply their winning corporate business!

The profit motive: big food marketers are out to capture what the industry calls ‘Share of Your Stomach’. You know that mysterious condition when you can’t eat just one of anything.

So, when you expect to do weight loss on the cheap, all alone, within 3 – 6 weeks you have stopped. And you go back to gaining 14 pounds a year. Sound familiar?

Each food manufacturer is in business to get you to open your wallet and dump out the contents. To predictably get your money they must hire food chemists, lawyers, lobbyists, product managers, production assembly line workers, package design specialists, influence marketing geniuses and advertising experts.

All these people get paid to do their work. Do you think you are better than this small army? The way the stay employed: focus their waking hours on getting you to weaken, then give up your diet.

And then there is you, full of pride, and eager to experiment at losing 40 pounds as a hobby.

Doesn’t that sound like you are David against the Goliath Food System?

So, when you think you can lose fat alone vs, with your weight coach helping you breakout of the food matrix. You must first think about the tribe of people you are going up against like David vs. Goliath on your quest to take profit away from huge companies.

February 26, 2018

How much protein do you need to consume on the Ideal Protein diet?

Weight Loss Clinic in Los Gatos

Protein is a necessary part of the diet to efficiently help the body perform various vital functions like providing the body with energy, growth, and repair of worn out tissues and aid in muscle building. The amount of protein that your body requires every other day is not known and agreed yet by nutritionists and health organizations, but they have set some guidelines on the amount of protein that your body must have each day. Nevertheless, your intake depends on how much your physician recommends fit to your body needs.

Fat-Targeted Protein Intake Guidelines

What are the percentages of Macronutrients in Phase 1

Many health practitioners want to know the exact percentages of protein, fats and carbohydrates in the Ideal Protein diet. Why this is so important puzzles me (is it to compare this program to the USDA Food Pyramid guidelines?). Our program is fat targeted, muscle sparing diet and as such is an “unbalanced diet” and yet nutritionally complete. Our program is not a “lifestyle”.  There is a beginning and an end followed by a traditional balance diet.  Our premise is simple: to lose fat we restrict the carbohydrates (basically deplete the body of its glycogen stores), supply the minimum adequate amount protein to prevent muscle loss and force the body to derive the majority of its caloric requirement from it fats reserves.

Calories for Proper Psychological Functions

Viewing our program along these lines is a little more complicated than first meets the eye.  In the strictest sense of the word, an adequate diet is one that provides enough energy (calories) at the cellular level for proper physiological functions.  To meet this energy requirement, the body depends on calories consumed plus the energy that it has stored to make up the difference in the meet the external food sources are inadequate.  The latter of course is the basis of any weight loss program.

Therefore, to give a correct answer as to the percentages of macronutrients in the weight loss phase of our dietary protocol, we have to do two calculations: the first will be percentages of the actual daily food intake and the second (and more correct) will be the actual daily caloric diet the body’s cells are receiving (the body really does not know where their fuel came from…external fuel or stored fuel).

Your coach will help you calculate your “Total Cellular Foods” (what the body REALLY is getting).  This calculation will depend on amount of fat you lose.  Usually your coach will show you how to calculate after your second week of phase 1.

February 26, 2018

Ideal Protein Program

What is the Ideal Protein Program?

Created by Dr Tran Tien Chanh, the Ideal Protein diet is aimed at creating a weight loss program that focuses on consuming the ideal amount of protein. Not only the right amount , but the right types of protein – it also restricts carb & sugar intakes, until your ideal weight is achieved.

The Ideal Protein program is split into four phases – these are outlined below:

  • Phase one – lasting anywhere from 2-6 weeks, phase 1 consists of eating 3 x Ideal Protein meals, and one meal you make yourself. Your self made meal must be low sugar, low fat and low carbs, and contain plenty of fresh vegetables. Also, consume a lot of water (ideally 2L per day).
  • Phase 2 – decrease the number of Ideal Protein meals by one, meaning 2 IP meals and 2 you’ve prepared yourself, again focusing on the same principles as phase 1 – high in protein, but a small amount of lean dairy products are allowed back into the diet, while calorie intake is kept relatively low along with carbs & fats.
  • Phase 3 – You can introduce some carbs back into your diet, along with some fats, and this runs for around 14 days – by this point you’ll have made significant strides in terms of how you think about food, and how you prepare food. You’ll be on one Ideal Protein meal per day, and the rest are self-prepared meals.
  • Phase 4 – Carry on doing what you’re doing! Eat well, eat plenty of the right proteins, with a small amount of carbs. The best bit about phase 4 is that you’re allowed an “indulgence day”, where you can eat whatever the hell you like – this helps ensure you don’t fall back into old eating habits. Phase 4 is all about maintenance of what you’ve learnt through the support of your local Ideal Protein rep, the meal plans and your exercise program. The key is to remember to keep fats and carbs separate and stick to regular portion sizes.

How to get started on the Ideal Protein weight loss program

We’ve been supporting people just like you through their weight loss journey for years, using the Ideal Protein program, making us the ideal place to start losing weight properly. No more fad diets, no more dreading getting on the scales – this is your time to lose weight the right way, with the support of a highly experienced, sympathetic and friendly Ideal Protein coach by your side. Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

April 22, 2017

Find A Proven Diet

Step 2 – Find A Diet Supported By Clinical Evidence

Step 2 - Find A Diet Supported By Clinical Evidence

There are many effective diets, we don’t deny that.

The goal is not to get into petty quarrels, but to lose weight and keep it off, if possible.

If someone loses weight by following a diet that differs from ours, my clinic strongly recommends they continue – if it isn’t dangerous.
…and a proven diet will address both weight loss and weight stabilization to keep the weight off long-term.

Patients are shocked to learn that there are literally hundreds of thousands of diets out thereonly two have any clinical evidence they lead to weight loss!

Getting clarity on why to choose one weight loss solution over another with so many diets will be key to success in reaching any healthy weight goal.

Here’s how to get that clarity…

Before you decide to go on a diet – go through this exercise.

Ask yourself these 6 questions…

  • Why and how does the diet work?
  • Does the diet result in long lasting weight loss?
  • More importantly, does the diet resolve the REAL weight issues?
  • Does the diet have clinical evidence it results in weight loss?
  • Is the diet company paying a spokesperson $5,000 per hour for their celebrity?
  • Will you pay time, money and self-esteem (if you fail) for a diet you haven’t researched?

We follow diets and diet developments all over the world – and we must keep abreast of what happens in the diet world – our work depends on it.
Once you get to the bottom of their theories — you’ll understand once and for all the real problem behind weight gain.
And you won’t spend your life going from one fad diet to another – as the media encourages.
If you want to know if a diet will work before paying for it, but you’re too busy to compare research findings, or lack the scientific knowledge to follow a scientific approach, we help you do that work click here.


How Much Weight Can You Lose?

Medical weight loss is reproducible.

We’ve been doing this for 20 years and know how much weight patients will lose. But individual results will vary.

weight loss clinic ideal protein palo alto ca

What is the difference between your current weight and your desired weight?

That number is your weight loss goal.

How long will it take to lose the weight – if say you’re a woman, 45 pounds overweight?

If you maintain the protocol and lose 2-5 pounds/ week think about how much weight you’ll lose in 12 weeks?

Simple – our patients follow the Protocol.

Scientific studies indicate sustained weight stabilization correlates with rapid results. This is important, so I’ll show the scientific evidence shortly.

If you DO NOT want to follow the structure of a proven system, then Weight Loss Science isn’t for you.

And that’s fine.