IdealSmart is the Technology Companion to the Ideal Protein Protocol

There is scientific evidence that interventions using technology are effective in treating obesity. And IdealSmart is your personalized Lifestyle Building assistant that helps breakthrough what users say were their most difficult challenges to achieving weight loss goals on other diet programs.

Putting Science Into Your
Weight Loss Experience

How The components of IdealSmart come together to support your new beautiful life.

IdealSmart App

Join our successful customers who report enjoying these aids of technology with the IdealSmart App when on the Ideal Protein Protocol’s weight loss phases.

Benefits for you include:

  • access daily motivation and support everyone needs (both social and from your coach),
  • eat a variety of food flavors to avoid boring diets,
  • get help reinforcing positive new lifestyle choices with dietary and physical activity tools,
  • helps you maintain your new lower weight after seeing results,
  • and enjoy a smart, user-friendly interface

IdealSmart Band

You can monitor and celebrate your results, and sync your adjustable, water resistant IdealSmart Activity & Sleep Band with your IdealSmart App. Watch your progress on the Ideal Protein Protocol with the intuitive graphs.

Benefits for you include:


  • Steps, distance, active time,
  • Calories burned,
  • Sleep time.
IdealSmart Scale Website

IdealSmart Scale

Making the scale your friend is one of the breakthrough ways Weight Loss Science, Inc’s technology makes customer weight loss journeys more successful. On the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol, you may lose weight while asleep that you’ll see graphed the next morning!

Benefits for you include:


  • Body fat percentage,
  • Weight & BMI,
  • Hydration

* IdealProtein Scale Warranty

Your IdealSmart Portal

In addition to your weight coach, get even more video coaching and support.

Access MyIdealSmart portal and get introduced to smart healthier eating, ease into regular exercise behaviors, and build the healthier new habits you need to win at weight loss

Benefits for you include:

  • Monitor progress on your customized dieter dashboard
  • Entertaining Doctor led daily coaching and support videos,
  • Educational coaching, tips, tricks, fitness and cooking videos

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