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    Find A Proven Diet

Step 2 – Find A Diet Supported By Clinical Evidence

Find A Diet Supported By Clinical Evidence

There are many effective diets, we don’t deny that.

The goal is not to get into petty quarrels, but to lose weight and keep it off, if possible.

If someone loses weight by following a diet that differs from ours, my clinic strongly recommends they continue – if it isn’t dangerous.
…and a proven diet will address both weight loss and weight stabilization to keep the weight off long-term.

There are many effective diets, we don’t deny that

Patients are shocked to learn that there are literally hundreds of thousands of diets out thereonly two have any clinical evidence they lead to weight loss!

Getting clarity on why to choose one weight loss solution over another with so many diets will be key to success in reaching any healthy weight goal.

Here’s how to get that clarity…

Before you decide to go on a diet – go through this exercise.

Ask yourself these 6 questions…

  • Why and how does the diet work?
  • Does the diet result in long lasting weight loss?
  • More importantly, does the diet resolve the REAL weight issues?
  • Does the diet have clinical evidence it results in weight loss?
  • Is the diet company paying a spokesperson $5,000 per hour for their celebrity?
  • Will you pay time, money and self-esteem (if you fail) for a diet you haven’t researched?

We follow diets and diet developments all over the world – and we must keep abreast of what happens in the diet world – our work depends on it.
Once you get to the bottom of their theories — you’ll understand once and for all the real problem behind weight gain.
And you won’t spend your life going from one fad diet to another – as the media encourages.
If you want to know if a diet will work before paying for it, but you’re too busy to compare research findings, or lack the scientific knowledge to follow a scientific approach, we help you do that work click here.

How Much Weight Can You Lose?

Medical weight loss is reproducible.

We’ve been doing this for 20 years and know how much weight patients will lose. But individual results will vary.

How Much Weight Can You Lose?

What is the difference between your current weight and your desired weight?

That number is your weight loss goal.

How long will it take to lose the weight – if say you’re a woman, 45 pounds overweight?

If you maintain the protocol and lose 2-5 pounds/ week think about how much weight you’ll lose in 12 weeks?

Simple – our patients follow the Protocol.

Scientific studies indicate sustained weight stabilization correlates with rapid results. This is important, so I’ll show the scientific evidence shortly.

If you DO NOT want to follow the structure of a proven system, then Weight Loss Science isn’t for you.

And that’s fine.