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    Maintain Healthy Weight

Step 7 – Shift Focus to Weight Stabilization

Stabilization is where things get interesting …

This is a two-part process:

  • Daily eating plan
  • Managing diet slip-ups

While no diet is a vaccine against weight gain – the notion of a balanced diet is the basis of Stabilization.

Balance is where things do not change.

You neither lose nor gain weight when you eat a well-balanced diet!

Per Dr. Chanh, during the maintenance phase, it is recommended that we separate carbohydrates and fats, or sugar and fats, daily…

Sugar makes you gain weight; so, does fat – that’s why you separate them. As long as you separate fats and carbohydrates, you control Insulin release (fat storage).

Your weight loss coach will design an eating plan for you that helps make eating the right foods at the right TIME of your day easy to do properly.


Step 8 – Reestablish Your Healthy Relationship With Food

The last way to succeed at Weight Loss Science is a strategy to enjoy eating.
It’s impossible to achieve long-lasting balance in life if there is no pleasure.
Most people who fail to maintain a healthy weight, particularly when going it alone do so because either…

  • They fail at weight loss (The reduction to healthy weight is no good)
  • They fail at weight maintenance (The addiction rehabilitation is no good)

According to the University of Los Angeles, the average dieter may lose 5-10% of their initial weight. Without a plan for long-term weight stabilization that includes pleasure — they regain the lost weight, plus more.
This is why they struggle and you won’t.
If you had to stabilize your weight for life by eating only three little green peas and a green leaf you would be very depressed – you’d never manage to stabilize your weight!
The first notion that is reintroduced after completing medically supervised weight loss is the importance of pleasure.
There can be no pleasure if there are no diet slip-ups.
Your WLS coach can discuss this weight stabilization strategy called “managing diet slip-ups”.

The single most impactful action you can take right now is to set up what I call the unbeatable WLS mindset.

The WLS mindset is the Ultimate Weight Loss Kick-off Gameplan and it is… unfortunately… far too involved to cover here. (Wow… I just noticed this article is over 3,000 words.)




Terri Martin is the co-founder and CEO of Weight Loss Science. After graduating the University of California at San Francisco, her first business was a Dental Practice. Starting in 1988, she owned, operated, and helped over 17,000 patients as a clinician. She sold her business for the highest valuation in California history. In between, Terri was the mother of three children, martial arts black belt, fitness enthusiast, and professional model.
Today, Terri’s Science not Sales approach makes it easier for overweight people who want to lose 45+ pounds of fat, to find a diet well-supported with clinical evidence.