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    Weight Loss Programs – Ideal Protein

    February 26, 2018

February 26, 2018

Weight Loss Programs – Ideal Protein

When you’re looking for the best weight loss program, it’s important to look for one that you can stick to, but also has great results.

Look out for programs that target a safe rate of weight loss consistently – there are so many fad diets that claim to help you to lose 10 pounds in a week, when realistically a more sustainable rate is 2 pounds a week.

When you’re reviewing weight loss programs, you want one that offers guidance & advice throughout the program, rather than just giving you a bulk of information in one go, and leaving you to your own devices.

Most of the popular weight loss programs will have success stories behind them; but if you’ve heard all the different names but not sure what each one entails, read on below.

Jump Start MD

As one of the most well-known plans out there; Jump Start MD is a managed program that starts with a medical examination to see what sort of shape you’re in, then focuses on the “5 M’s” – Meals, Movement, Mindset, Medicine & Maintenance, which means diet, exercise, mental commitment to the cause, medical exams and looking after yourself long term.

Weight Watchers

Probably the most famous diet plan in the world, WW has been around for years. Originally started in 1963; today it’s a worldwide brand with meetings taking place every week all over the world. Weightwatchers works on a points system, where no food is off limits, but you’re meant to basically consume less calories and exercise more, and at the end of the week go and meet and record your weight with your local rep.

Jenny Craig

Founded in 1983 by weight loss guru Jenny Craig and her husband, today they have over 700 centres throughout the US, Australia and New Zealand.

The Jenny Craig diet focuses on eating well with exercise, and regular counselling to ensure you’re staying on top of the new way of life. The local counsellor will create a diet plan for you that you’re meant to stick to, in order to see the best results.


The Paleo diet is aimed at eating as many natural foods as possible, such as plenty of fruit & veg, nuts, seeds and of course grass-fed meats. The Paleo diet is considered a complete lifestyle change & program, meaning that you’ll never go back to eating things that they believe put a strain on your intestines, such as potatoes, dairy products, salt and processed foods. As there is a restricted food choice, people have been known to experience a lack of energy & tiredness, mainly due to the lack of carbs compared to what they are used to.


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