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    Weight Loss Smackdown: “Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Dr. Robert Lustig”

    September 11, 2019

September 11, 2019

Weight Loss Smackdown: “Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Dr. Robert Lustig”

Weight Loss Smackdown Schwarzenegger vs. Dr. Lustig

30 years ago, the leading, cutting edge science for weight loss was calorie balance.

“You need to burn more than you eat.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the Chairman of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness. He was a strong advocate for the calorie balance and other traditional ways said to burn belly fat.

While this solution has helped people achieve their weight loss goals, there are still 70% of the American population who have tried this method and have failed. Most of these people have become disillusioned about losing weight, believing that it’s their fault they’re not losing the weight.

If you’re part of the 70% who have tried and failed, I’d like to tell you this: it’s been scientifically proven that it is not your fault. 

You’ve been going about with your weight loss regime the wrong way.

What I’m about to show you next is why exercise is good for weight maintenance but not weight loss. I ask that you keep an open mind, so that you can use what is left of your commitment energy to focus on what will give you guaranteed weight loss.

Dr. Lustig’s take on why what you’ve done in the past won’t work and it will blow your mind – and restore your hope too. Watch for yourself:

One of Dr. Lustig’s wishes is to tell people struggling with obesity that the advice they’ve received for years just won’t work.

Does that mean Arnold was wrong? No. As I mentioned earlier, his advice has worked for many people – but it won’t work for everyone. Exercise and other traditional “weight loss” methods actually fare better for weight maintenance as opposed to weight loss. 30 years ago, we didn’t know this. We know it now because science has evolved and allowed us to see what we couldn’t see before.

Arnold’s insights allowed for more research and development to take place in order for people with all body types to find what works for them. 30 years is a long time – a lot is bound to have changed.

Dr. Lustig is able to confidently speak on his findings because of the advances in science that have revealed the hormones responsible for weight gain. Taking a deeper look into the pleasure center of the brain has also given more exposure on how appetite satiation and hunger cessation work.

Your weight loss attempts were valid – but you’ve been channeling that energy in the wrong direction. But now that you know better, it’s time to redirect your focus to what will work for you.

In the next series of posts, I’m going to take you on a journey that will lead to the weight loss you’ve wanted for so long. There’s so much for you to see, and I am confident once you’ve read, watched, and listened to this immensely important information, you’ll have an even stronger renewed drive to give your weight loss journey another go.


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